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Virtuall christmas markets

So i have sined up to do a couple of virtuall christmass markets being hosed by places that normaly do physacal craft fairs its pertty much daylea poasting to show off your items and then linking back to your online shop im wondering if anyone else is dping anything simuler

I’m doing the Pedddle/Folksy market in December, none others as of yet.

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I thorght about doing that one but im working that weekend and i wory that lost of people will be finished or nearly finished shooping by then

It’s at the beginning of December - loads of people will still be shopping then. Lots of people won’t have even started. All the men in my life, for example haha

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Hi, how do you sign up for that? I’m struggling to find any details on it!

Im pretty sure the folkys one is clossed but there are plenty on facebook if you typ in someimg like virtuall market and then you area eg virtuall christmass market southampton it bring up a few i just started fallowing every one i could find and then asked if i could also get a stall it worked for the 4/5 that i found