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A craft blog question

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I have a craft blog But Im not sure if Im doing it right. I seem to write the same thing. Admittedly Im no Shakespeare.

What do you write about?
Do you get more views if you add tutorials?

(Susannah Ayre) #2

Hi :slight_smile:
My blog is although I’m soon to combine it with my website.
I talk about all sorts! The things I’m making, what I’ve been up to, places I’ve been, where I’ve got my inspiration from, plans I’ve got etc.
I get a fair few views. Tutorials do quite well but it depends on how well it’s done.
I find it helps to direct people from Google and things if your post titles have certain key words in.
I try and make my photos interesting and make sure I write properly- no slag/correct punctuation etc. I know it might sound daft- but if I was to stumble across a blog and it didn’t have correct spelling etc I wouldn’t read it- things like that annoy me and I know I’m not alone- but I will be quite conversational in my speech. After all- I’m not writing a book.
I don’t think you need to be Shakespeare- that’s not what people are looking for in a blog (unless they are!) haha they’re looking for something different, interesting, inspirational, they want someone they can relate to and interesting/fun photos to look at.
I also make sure I have sort of a house style- but I try and do this with everything I put out there- almost as a vague type of branding- so regulars start to recognise my style.

I’m certainly not saying I’ve cracked it- I would love to!! But being someone who likes to read and create, I know the sort of thing I like to come across so like you- we’ll be able to see it from both sides. :slight_smile:

(Elaine) #3

Hiya, your blog looks interesting to me. I’m a bit of a “visual” girl, so I like lots of photos in a post.

When I blog (which isn’t often -slaps hand) I try and mix things up otherwise it feels like I’m talking about the things I make all the time. Sometimes I throw in a post about family life or a Folksy Friday - a post on lovely Folksy items on a theme.

I don’t often get comments, but when I do, they are usually on posts about my chickens or about food lol.

Whenever I blog I also put a link on my facebook page and tweet about it a couple of times, as well as adding the post to the forum link on here.

Elaine x

This is me by the way: