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Where to put the "have you blogged today" thread

(Stephanie Guy) #1

I put April’s thread in showcase this morning as very often people are showcasing their own or someone else’s work. But sometimes there are “how to” blogs, which would fit better in craft talk.

Where do you think the thread should live?

Have you blogged today April 2014
Have you blogged today April 2014
(Nifty) #2

hmmm, interesting, in my own case I blog about all sorts of things, not just about crafts. So I would not fit in showcase at all - or only rarely! I doubt I’d bother posting the link on folksy in any case though, not unless it WAS about crafting or a product that day - in which case I’d have thought craft talk, not showcase. if I was blogging about something else - fossil hunting for instance - I’d probably post it in cuppa if anywhere.

(Helen Smith) #3

I would think the general every day thread belongs in showcase but perhaps if someone had written a how-to they might want to post in Craft Talk too? A dedicated list of tutorial / how-to posts might be nice.

(Sian ) #4

Oops just posted this to the have you blogged today topic. It probably should be here instead/as well:

I think for me it depends on the question being asked (i.e. the title of the topic) and how you’re expecting other people to respond to the post. If you’re just saying ‘here’s my latest blogpost, what’s yours?’, it’s Showcase.

If you are instead asking the question that’s in the blogpost (“is there a theme that you keep coming back to?”, and here’s a post I’ve written about it), encouraging a discussion about making, that’s Craft Talk.

Tricky. What do you think?

@ffflowers A tutorials/how to thread/section in Craft Talk is a great idea

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Sounds like a good plan - we’d need a new name for them to keep them distinct.

How about

  • “The Reading Room” or “The Library” or just plain “Tutorials” for how to blogs and other tutorial links that might not necessarily be in blog format

  • “Showcase Blogs” for all blogs that are primarily promotional?

(Nifty) #6

my first reaction to that idea is that because “showcase” has a wider meaning, it makes it sound as those blogs are better or special in some way - do you know what I mean? it would fit with the showcase name for the forum though.

(Sian ) #7

I think you’re right. As a general rule, blogs should go in craft talk. I’ve put the existing thread in the Craft Talk category.