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A Crafters joy

Only a crafter will understand my pure joy. I went to a charity shop and bought £100+ worth of rubber stamps for £6.

What bargains have you found?


I got an old cribbage box from a second hand shop which is the perfect size for keeping my burrs and drill bits in, and also has holes for the pins on the top that I can stick the bits in while I’m carving. :smirk:

Sam x

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A double-size pure egyptian heavy cotton white duvet cover for £4.99 which contained enough yardage for a complete dress (dyed by bundling with autumn leaves for a unique print), and enough left over for plenty of dyeing experiments!


A cashmere pashmina for £4 which I turned into a tunic style top. Sooooo soft! Most of my other bargains are antique Chinese and Japanese ceramics…like a 18th century blue and white Chinese export saucer for £2 which now I use as a pin dish :grin:


Bought a whole Crafers Companion ultimate pro set plus extra boards and a travel bag for £5 in a charity shop. It’s worth over £180. Gave my old one to a friend.


I got the stand on the left of my stall from a charity shop. Spotted it through the window, dived in, made an offer of £8 and took it home. Nobody knows what it is… fire screen ? Double glazing sample but to me it is the most perfect stained glass display screen.


Hubby brings home all types of finds from car boot last item was an industrial test tube stand which holds my pendant drill perfectly :slight_smile: I also use a cribbage board for my burrs Smantha :joy:


I’m always buying wooden objects to pyrograph from charity shops - boxes, frames, bowls and most recently, a large wooden lazy susan turntable!
But I’ve also found loads of art materials over the years - everything from modelling clay and lino print tools to fine quality watercolour paper, paints and brushes.
Favourite find was from a car-boot sale - my beloved table-top fret saw that costs about £150 new (it looked unused) and cost me £15. It’s great!


I have so many uses for an industrial test tube stand. Such a useful object!

Sam x