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A lovely surprise!

Morning folks,

Thought I’d share this as it made my day yesterday! A little while back a friend who works in a private school in Newcastle said they were going to do some lino-cutting for an art project, and asked if I wouldn’t mind them using some of my work as examples.
Obviously I said that was absolutely fine!

That was a few months back & I forgot all about it to be honest until yesterday when she sent me this photo of one of the classes wall displays:

I didn’t realise when she asked me I was to be the main focus but how lovely is this?! The children are aged 10/11 and I think there work is amazing!! This she said is her colleagues class as hers haven’t finished yet- so excited to see hers too! I think it looks fab! And apparently the children are really enthusiastic about it all!
I’ve told her I’ll send in an original that they can put up as a well done! :slight_smile:


What a lovely surprise, so good to see your work being used to inspired kids.Your and their work look great :slight_smile: Don’t forget to post a pic of the children’s work from your friends class.

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How lovely. Those fishy ones would look great as tiles.

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Thanks @DaisyWings & @plainprimitives :slight_smile: they’re all so lovely aren’t they? I’m particularly a fan of the gannet and the seal on the left.
It was lovely when she sent me this photo, it’s all all girls school so she said they’re always really keen on using local women to help inspire the children- which is a really nice thing to be told. :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing the next classes & what they’ve created!