A reminder from the Folksy Team

We want Folksy to be a friendly and welcoming place for everyone, however we feel there has been some hostility in the forum recently. The forums (as well as our social media) are public places, and can be read by other sellers, as well as buyers and potential users of the site.

Consider how you speak about others and to others, whether that’s other sellers, people you think are breaking the rules or the Folksy team. Consider how it would make them feel reading the comments, as well as to those who are looking to join the site. We have been contacted privately by Folksy users who feel uncomfortable and unwelcome after reading some of the comments on the forum, and we want to change this.

We understand a lot of the discussions come from frustrations with the site, and we don’t want to stop constructive criticism being made that can help us improve Folksy. Please be mindful of how you word comments and be respectful of other users and the Folksy team.

Also keep in mind that it takes time to develop new features, implement changes and test new approaches, so if you’re aware we’re actively working on something, please give us the time to complete it.

Our guidelines for the forums can be found here: FAQ - Folksy Forums

Folksy means a lot to us, and we want to see Folksy be successful for all sellers. It’s been disheartening to read some of the comments posted here recently and has taken our focus away from other important tasks.

We know you all care deeply about Folksy and we hope that our forums can continue to be the helpful, supportive community that everyone enjoys being part of.

James, Aaron, Doug, Kim, Clare, Sophia, Ethan and Camilla