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Alice In Wonderland Madness - Share your beautiful Wonderland crafts

(FlorenceAndMarie) #1

Hello all…

I absolutely adore anything Alice In Wonderland themed (AIW for short :slight_smile:)

I would love to see your AIW themed crafts.

I’ll start by showing a couple of mine


(Grimm Exhibition) #2

I love Tenniels artwork.
I have a couple of cards and a white rabbit necklace

(FlorenceAndMarie) #3

Hi Clare

I completely agree.

Beautiful card :smile:


(Mollydogdesign) #4

Lovely cards :ok_hand::grinning:

(Julie Lewis) #5

Hello Florence and Marie
Love the top one
Regards Adrian

(FlorenceAndMarie) #6

Thank you :grinning:

(windsweptgirlie) #7

I have quite a few Alice themed bits and bobs, still quite new to Folksy but have this coaster set listed :slight_smile:

(FlorenceAndMarie) #8

Hi WindsweptGirle!

These AIW coasters are brill!

F&M :slight_smile:

(windsweptgirlie) #9

Thanks :smiley:

(FlorenceAndMarie) #10

Hi guys!

Now got these 2 available.

F&M :slight_smile: