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Tweet The Item Above You

I have good views when I tweet an item from my shop so thought I would try this game and see how it goes. It does help if you have a lot of followers.

Just retweet the item above you. You can post as often as you like so long as you retweet the post above you.

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Here’s my listing to start us off

tweeted the above hat.

would someone like to tweet my retro fabric coasters?


Have tweeted the coasters if someone would like to tweet this that would be lovely
Thank you
My latest make.

I have Pinned your necklace

I have tweeted the item above me. I would love this item tweeted please.

Have tweeted your headband, would love someone to tweet this one if they fancy. Cheers

Have tweeted the Brown Hare print. Would love a tweet for this please

Tweeted the cute baby blanket and here is mine :slight_smile:

Tweeted the coasters, here is noe of my bags

Tweeted your bag @kezylou :slight_smile: heres mine

Tweeted your lovely butterfly brooch Maxine. I would like this to be tweeted please.

@beaniehats I have tweeted your cute baby hat, would love it if someone could tweet this ring for me please

Have just tweeted your beautiful ring @GoRadLou
could someone tweet this for me please

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Just tweeted your lovely tote bag @JDCrafts
Please could someone tweet this for me;

Tweeted the lovely colouring sheets and here is mine x

Tweeted! This is mine x

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tweeted above

Tweeted the escape sign, here’s some earrings: