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(Joy Salt) #1

Might be a silly question but is AliExpress a safe place to buy from?
Think I would normally avoid it as believe it’s the site famous for cheap copies of genuine Handmade (?) But…

I’ ve been searching for crystal teardrops for ages ever since buying some in Bangkok Chinatown and failing to find any more now I’ve used those…
Happened to look at Aliexpress when it came to my attention just wondering what suncatchers were being copied and Wow up popped the crystals I really really want.
Opinions please.

(Roz) #2

Joy, I have used Aliexpress before - not really much different from buying things off ebay as most of the sellers source their goods from there anyway! I was a bit nervous at first but I’ve had pretty good experience with it. There are lot of cheap imitations there so you have to be careful but a lot of useful stuff too and I have always thought it was worth the risk. The only time I had a non delivery I seem to remember it was easy to claim my money back - in fact I may be wrong but I dont think you pay until goods are received, I think the payment is held in limbo somewhere! I never buy large quantities anyway as I am always wary of the import tax that may be added if more than £15. Just be aware that coming from China most things take an absolute age to arrive :slight_smile:

BTW - if you download the app on your phone and buy via that I think you get an additional discount.

Good luck

(Beaniehats) #3

I use it a lot to buy both stock and items for myself and have had no problems. Infact if an item has gone missing I have had it resolved much quicker than other sites that I buy from.

(Joy Salt) #4

@beaniehats @OrchardFelts Thanks very much. That gives me confidence, just didn’t want to go where I shouldn’t !
Very very hopeful of now getting what I’ve been looking for for a couple of years, since Bangkok supplies ran out.

(Bekki Stevenson) #5

I have a friend who runs a subscription box business and she gets all of her items for the box on ali express. She has recommended the site to me so it must be alright.

(Joy Salt) #6

How exciting. Just ordered 50 of my lovely teardrop crystals 28mm. You would not believe how hard I’ve looked for them. Bob remembers searching the market stalls in Singapore and step-daughter did a tour of Chinatown for me.
While i was at it I bought 3 enormous diamonds… actually 60mm crystal paperweights. Have had 1 on my stall for ages and children especially love it and want to buy it from me… I tell them I will only sell it for peanuts but for exactly 1 million peanuts.

(Joy Salt) #7

Big thank you to those who reassured me.
Today I got a package containing 50 teardrop 28mm crystals. Absolutely Brilliant.
Just like the ones bought in Bangkok China Town in 2014.

15.5p each. Bargain and took just a week.