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All things that Glitter

I’ve seen plenty of topics for colours but I haven’t seen one for glitter (apologies if there is one that I have missed).

So I thought I’d kick off some Christmas sparkle with my new holographic super glittery star earrings.

So come on folks spread some sparkle and show me your glittery goods :heart_eyes:

Super Glittery!

Jacqueline x

Oooo I like this thread, nearly everything I make is finished off with a bit of glitter or sparkle…

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or how about a little Tree Angel, she has sparkly wings…

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This sparkles like white glitter in the middle

This mobile has a sprinkling of iridescent glitter.

A lovely nuno felted scarf with a glittery border - just what is needed for a glam night out!

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Sterling Silver pendant with black Agate and Swarovski crystals for a touch of sparkle✨

Aventurine glass has a natural shimmer

And mica

And, of course, dichroic

a red and silver glitter girl’s cardigan


How about goldstone, comes with glitter built in!

Or Sapphires, these are so sparkly

Not glitter but sparkle!
My crochet snowflakes made from sparkly yarn.

There are are a sprinkling of silver stars in my textile bowl which shine when the light catches them. Hope that counts!

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I have a few glitter and sparkle items!

Natalie x

Party Necklace

Aventurine glass naturally shimmers