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Any #SBS winners going to ICC tomorrow?

(Susan Bonnar) #1

If you are and you want to be in a photo celebrating the Great British Handmade Peeps with Theo’s award then please shout so you can be included in the photo call!

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #2

You should all enter btw if you are on Twitter!

Follow @TheoPaphitis and @RymanStationery on Twitter.
Tweet about your business in 280 characters or less, directed to @TheoPaphitis, adding the hashtag #SBS.
Tweet on a Sunday between 5.00-7.30 PM.
Use humour and topicality if it feels natural to you.
Feel free to add a link or web address in your tweet.
Having a website increases your chances of being noticed.
If you have a website, link it to your profile. Include a colourful graphic.
It helps to know the names behind the business. #SBS is for small businesses. The personal touch is liked.
Just tweet once in each weekly time slot.

Double check your spelling and grammar !

Look out for the re-tweets.

If you are not chosen, don’t despair and try again!

It’s a great club to belong to!