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Anybody Blog using blogger?

I am trying to set up a grid on my blog and can’t seem to get it to stick!

Does anyone have a template they use please?


Hi Susan, I can’t be of any help I’m afraid but I thought I’d bump this back up in case anyone else knows what to do :slight_smile:
I use blogger but never done a grid :frowning:Jan x

Thanks Jan - I think blogging may be old fashioned now! :slight_smile:

Hi Jan

Do you mean a grid or collage of pictures? If so, I think you have to make that in a program such as Picasa (using the ‘create collage’ option) - or Google Photos has a collage option - before clicking on the upload image icon in Blogger, to add it to your blog. I don’t think blogger has it as a separate option. If anyone knows better, I’d be interested to know.


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