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Anyone in there interested in a January 2020 daily listing challenge thread?

Hello. It’s almost the end of December, and a new year is upon us, which means only 1 thing time to start stocking your shop ready for a whole new year! So if you need a bit of support and motivation to fill up a new shop or just like to take on a challenge as a new year resolution, then why not think about joining in the daily listing thread, we’d love to see you there.

The Daily Listers Challenge thread is a really friendly group with lots of hugs, support and advice for everyone taking part, new members are always very welcome so why not come and join us and enjoy the community spirit whilst giving your shop a bit of a promotion boost.

If you have not taken part in a daily listing challenge before and are wondering what it is all about, this is how it works:

The daily listing thread is a personal challenge to list an item a day for the month - It is a personal challenge, and we don’t mind if they are new items or re-lists either as long as it’s a different listing each day.

Everyone is made very welcome in the group, but you must be prepared to join in with the spirit of the group and support team members by clicking individual items and promoting others regularly by hearting, pinning, tweeting etc. We understand not everyone is going to be able to list every day and that’s fine too as long as you join in regularly and play fairly.

Once you have listed your item, you come to the thread and show us what you have listed or re-listed, by sharing a link to that item, so we can check it out too.

You will then click on the links and visit the items of your fellow daily listers as a simple way to show you are taking part. Listing members really appreciate that you have stopped by, hearts are welcome too.

Promote not just your own item, but fellow listing members too, in whatever way you are able, by pinning, Facebook liking (you can do this via the Folksy Shop Group Facebook Page if you want), Blogging, Tweeting, or doing a #FolksyFriday just do whatever you can. In this way we all support and promote each other, and help raise awareness of our crafts and of Folksy too, all of which has to be a good thing.

Please remember that although sales cannot be certain, additional promotion can be, which has to be a good thing! so please do pop over and join in you would be very welcome


Yes please Natalie, and thank you for all your hard work running the 365 thread it’s much appreciated. :smiley:


Yes please Natalie. Thank you for all your hard work you do for us x


Yes, I’ll be there. Thanks for taking the helm again Natalie.


I’d love to join in again in January Natalie @NOfkantsCurios. Thank you for looking after us all so well yet again.


yes please Natalie xxx…thanks for keeping it going xx


Yes, thanks Natalie @NOfkantsCurios. And thank you for running it again.


We’ll be elsewhere so much in January, I think I’ll have to give it a miss - but I’ll look in and love when I’m around!


I’d like to rejoin from January Natalie @NOfkantsCurios, reallt looking forward to seeing and chatting to everyone again :slight_smile:


Looks like there are few of us! Yay!

Natalie x


Thanks again Natalie @NOfkantsCurios for keeping this thread going. You’re doing a grand job.
Count me in (with the usual proviso that I don’t always have time to do it every day!).


I’ll certainly be there for the beginning of the month but rethinking my felt making at the moment and not sure I will be making a large enough volume to stick with you for the whole month but we will see - not entirely sure what I am doing at the moment!


Yes please Natalie @NOfkantsCurios. Thank you once again for continuing this and your efforts so far. Looking forward to a new start in January and hope to be able to introduce some handcrafted makes soon too, as well as my craft supplies.

Paula :smiley: xx

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Hi Natalie @NOfkantsCurios. May I join in again? Sorry - I have done my usual trick of disappearing for a year! January is such a good month to motivate myself into doing this, and then I seem to run out of steam. But I do love doing this challenge; you are all so supportive.


Lovely to have any new, old and regular faces join the thread! XxxX


Natalie @NOfkantsCurios I hope to give it a go again. I just need to get some stock built up and some photos done. X