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April 2016 Art Thread

Welcome to the April 2016 art thread

Browse, show your artwork, chat about art, share tips and techniques. Comment on specific work if you feel like it but please don’t feel obliged!

Here’s my latest Kingfisher, he’s probably the last in this series, I feel like I’ve got them out of my system now. This afternoon I’ll be framing my two miniature kingfishers, hopefully I’ll get them photographed too before the day is out.


Lovely bird! :wink:

I haven’t had an awful lot of time to paint recently. If it isn’t one thing it’s another, I’m stocking 4 shops now and trying to make new products. My latest venture has been screen printing. Here’s my first 100% successful one. The bugger one needed more time to set I think as although it burned well some of the emulsion washed out in the detail after inking. Never mind, there’s always the weekend!!


Oh well done you! I’ve been tempted to have a go since getting the book on printing from Aldi before Xmas, but it looks so messy.

I got that too!! It isn’t as messy as I expected. I think you should give it a go! :smiley: your birds would looks of nice :slight_smile:

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This was a mixed media piece that was inspired by large ice sheets washed up on the shore of Loch Leven in the winter of 2010. I covered sheets of card in various papers and textures then cut them and arranged them on the canvas, and then overpainted the whole canvas with oil paint. This was the third in the series, the other two having sold.


Just popping in to say hi to everyone, I love the colours of your kingfishers Stephanie.
Love your Tea Girl Lowrie, I haven’t done screen printing since college many many moons ago, it was always fun to do.
I’m a big fan of mixed media, @QuirkyCooperies it’s great knowing what inspired your work, the blues and pinks look great together.
I’ve been busy with commissions so haven’t got anything to show at the moment but I’ll be sure to pop back soon. :slight_smile:

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That’s such an interesting piece and an interesting process too Claire and Jenny @QuirkyCooperies. I’ve never tried oil in a mixed media piece, what a good idea.

Maybe one day Lowri! I have some lino to cut first, and I’ve just ordered some citra-solv to play with making altered papers and some 100% IPA to play with watercolours and alcohol - I need to reign in the creativity before my head explodes!

Waving Jan :slight_smile:


Yesterday I did some framing. The tiny kingfisher is just 15mm tall!

And here are the frames being made


Absolutely love your piece @QuirkyCooperies. The colours are so beautiful, although the shapes are very angular, there’s a softness to it <3

The way you frame your miniatures with lego tickles me Steph. Wonderful. :smiley:

Here’s a couple of sketchbooky pieces. I’m going away for a week so decided I’ll use watercolours for my sketchbooking as they’re easier to travel with than tubs of emulsion :wink: So I had a play today.


I love the loose style of your sketches while still keeping the graphic style of drawing- your work is quirky and distinctive, and your business name reflects that very well-Twinkle and Gloom

I’ve made a new range of seaside linocuts. I’ve used the reduction technique so it means that they are limited edition.


That’s really lovely Emma. Lino cuts are a something that I would very much like to try - I have some equipment it’s just a matter of finding time! What is the reduction method?

I have achieved a life goal and become an art teacher :smiley:

The first class of my new beginners intake went really well this afternoon. I completely forgot to take any photos but everyone enjoyed it, there was lots of laughter and colour everywhere as we covered colour theory and then learned how to relax and let go. Starting to take on board observational skills for drawing was a challenge but this is something that we will build on as time goes by. Next week we’ll be looking at what makes an object appear 3 dimensional on paper.

I’m knackered now!


A new adventure for me with altered National Geographic papers and acrylics. I just need to mount it, add a signature (I’ve learnt the hard way not to sign before it’s in the mount, half a signature is not a good look) and then I can list it.


Here’s my first listed mixed media using altered National Geographic papers, hope you like him! Photography was quite tricky - I usually use an LED daylight lamp but the paper is slightly glossy so I had to turn it off and rely on my software to bring the life back to the photo. Is it me or is it a tad blurry?


Gorgeous work Steph!
I think the photos look good. It’s so hard to photograph shiny things. I struggle with my jewellery and my prints. I find that having two lights helps but I still struggle!

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Thanks Lowri. I just had a thought - I wonder if it might help if I diffuse the lamp light through tissue?

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I’ve been creating videos this week. Sadly I can’t upload them here to the forum but here’s a link

This is a step by step video of a recent pet portrait

And this is a montage of a project that I recently worked on

I hope those links work and that you like them!

Give me a shout if you enjoy reading the art thread! I don’t mind talking to myself (I do it all the time at home) but it’d be nice to know that I’m not rambling on for no purpose :smile:

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