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Are my prices reasonable?

Hi everyone…do you think my shop prices are reasonable? Thanks so much for your comments :blush:

I’m no expert and I have learnt with trial and error as to what people are willing to pay for your work, over the 8 years I have been selling our stuff, if they see there is a bit of work/effort involved and the materials are of good quality then they will pay. Most of my sales are taken face to face at events, which gives me a good indication through body language if they think the price is too high.
I think for what you are making your prices are fair.

Appreciate your comments and I totally agree with you on the face to face aspect…as I’ve only just started on the long road to making my fortune, I really want to get to the stage where I have enough stock to do a craft fair. I have sold my canvases especially when someone has seen them in the flesh, so maybe that’s my way forward. :+1:

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Your shop is amazing by the way…and I genuinely mean that. You deserve success for the amount of work you have obviously put in.

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Only you know how much it cost you to make your items, and if you’ve taken into consideration your listing fee’s, commission fees and paypal fees and still made a profit or not.

Have you taken into consideration your time taken to make an item?

all the best.

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Hi Eileen…I think I need to think about how long it takes to make an item…not very good at that lol…you know what’s it’s like, you start making something and before you know it, the time has flown! I suppose I’m more concerned with getting established, but I will have to think about that more. Your shop is lovely by the way. Thanks so much for the reply.

Thank you :smile:

I just want to say that I like that you have lots of different price points in your shop, allows for all sorts of budgets.

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Thank you for that. .I think that money is an issue for a lot of people…trying to offer affordable and not cheap is difficult, I’m glad you think I’m offering something for every pocket.:+1:

I used to hate trying to decide on prices for things, until I started timing how long it takes to paint. Now I just have to calculate my time and my materials cost, and if something costs double something else the same size then I don’t worry that the price is going to be so much higher because I know it took hours longer and is worth it.

I agree with plumporridge that the price points are good. There is a temptation to price things too cheap, especially when you’re starting out, but i think it’s better to work out how you can make items that cost less than underprice yourself. It’s why I started selling mini paintings so I have something for everyone’s budget.

I certainly don’t think any of your prices look too expensive.

Thank you for your reply…I feel better knowing that I’m not pricing myself out of the market, I will be patient. I have sold lots of canvases etc but not on here…more word of mouth, I think it will just take time to get established. Love your work…beautiful :heart_eyes:

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I agree with others that you have a good range of price points. It’s always difficult for other people to judge your prices not knowing what your costs are or how long your items take to make but nothing looks untoward price-wise in my humble opinion.

I just wanted to say that your petal canvases are gorgeous - such an unusual idea. I’m sure they’ll sell really well once they start to get noticed. I’ve favourited a couple to try and get you onto the front page for a few minutes.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:I’m hoping to photograph the canvases a little better…your shop is great, nice to find lots of supportive people here.

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Your shop is lovely, and think your prices are fair. Your petal canvases are beautiful, I have pinned one to my Handmade Folksy Board on Pinterest. Wishing you lots of success and sales with your shop.

Thank you so much…I will definately be coming to you for supplies…beautiful shop :slight_smile:…hope you have loads of Christmas sales.

Thank you Sheena for your lovely comments.

I think your prices are very fair