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Are there any semi precious stones that help anxiety?

(Tracy Stevenson) #1

As the title really. I have a friend who suffers badly with anxiety and panic attacks and this Sunday there is a bbq we are meant to both be going to but I have somewhere else I have to be. She is really worried because I will not be there, so I wondered if anyone knew of any semi-precious stones that I could make her a bracelet or necklace with to help make her feel better about it, even if it was purely just thinking it was helping because I have told her that a particular stone helps.

I look forward to your replies
Tracy x

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #2

Amazonite is supposed to balance emotion, rose quartz helps with fear and blue chalcedony is used to help balance feelings too. I’m sure there are others but they dont come to mind just now. I hope your friend copes at the bbq, I know how debilitating anxiety can be.

(Donna) #3

Rose Quartz is meant to be good. I used to carry a small stone around with me and play with it when I felt anxious. I’m not sure if it was the stone or just having something to fiddle with but it worked :smile:

(Tracy Stevenson) #4

Thank you Louise and Donna for your replies. :slight_smile: It would probably be a Necklace I would make for her then, I do have all those stones in some way or form lol. My friends got low self esteem, which has been made worse recently by turning 40, weight gain and having a hysterectomy. :frowning: I do feel very guilty that I won’t be at the bbq. She is one of the wives at my partners work, that’s how we know each other and it is a works event that the bbq is at.

Tracy x

(Tracy Stevenson) #5

I’m sure I have a large Rose Quartz heart somewhere so I will have to find that out for her to have in her pocket too :slight_smile: Anything to help her feel better. x

(Leanne Oughton) #6

I wore a rose quartz necklace during my driving test as I was a bag of nerves and it did help (I passed!) . Hope you find something for your friend and thats she feels better, its a horrible feeling.

Leanne x x

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #7

I hope it works for her, rose quartz is such a beautiful stone that even just looking at it makes me feel better.

(Plumporridge) #8

I don’t know about stones, but there’s lot’s of oils you can use to de-stress, not least good old lavender. It’s very soothing. Vetivert too.

(Astrid Huxham ) #9

yes i have genuine crystal necklaces for sale they help anxiety! Blits cards

(Astrid Huxham ) #10

roze quartz is for love…

(Suzanne Francis) #11

I used to use rose quartz thumb (or palm stones?!) they’d have a concave bit and felt nice to handle, they looked beautiful too. I know she wouldn;t want to use it actually at the BBQ but just having one in general might help, but i think a nice pendant would be great too - plus it might be a good talking point as she could say it was a gift from her friend :smiley:

(Suzanne Francis) #12

also i meant to say i have big quartz points/wands all round my computer, there is a reason for which I have now forgotten(I got into them a few years ago ), but they look lovely and just looking at them is really nice :smiley: