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Are there any soaps you'd like to see in my shop?

(Donna) #1

I usually make the soaps that I like but not everyone else does lol Is there any soap you’d like that I don’t make at the mo?

(Karen Ellam) #2

Hi Donna

I absolutely love anything Chocolate orangey smelling. I’ve got some hand wash at the moment and its just lovely.
If I spotted a bar of it in your shop I would be on it in a flash :blush::blush:

Karen :cherry_blossom:

(Donna) #3

Well as it happens I do make chocolate orange soap and bath fizzers :smile: I usually list them for christmas but I could list them earlier, They smell so good I just have to eat terry chocolate oranges when I make them lol

(Julia K Walton) #4


I buy quite a lot of handmade soaps - I usually go for ones using all natural (vegetarian) ingredients - about 100g or larger in size, and preferably in a bar shape.

As for fragrances, I love citrus, herbal and woodsy scents. (The last six bars I bought were:- cedarwood x 2, lemon grass x 2, sweet orange, and lavender.)

(Karen Ellam) #5

Lol. Is it wrong to be drooling talking about soap? :wink:
Let me know when u have some available Donna. Those bath Fizzers sound good too.
I’m eating an orange club bar right now… I think its abit of an obsession to be honest :yum:


(Sarah Lambert) #6

i bought what I thought was a lavender soap at a craft fair at Christmas but it turned out to be Violet- really lovely :slight_smile:

(Caz Par Crafts) #7

Hi, I wish we had smelly vision through our PC’s, your products look wonderful. What would you recommend for someone who has sensitive skin? I have problems with toiletries with perfume and chemicals in them.

Carole x

(Donna) #8

Good morning everyone :smile:
Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday, we had a surprise visit from my step son, daughter in law and year old granddaughter :smiley:
@karenscraftybitz no it’s not wrong, I have a freezer full of terry’s chocolate orange doughnuts for emergencies lol although I haven’t had an orange club for years, I may have to buy some :wink:

I do make a violet one it’s listed as parma violet but smells the same as yorkshire violet!

@CazParCrafts lol that would be great! I’d probably sell loads more if people could smell them first!
I also have sensitive skin, It’s why I started making the soap in the first place, because it’s so hard to be sure other soaps will be ok.
The honey, coffee and aloe vera soaps are great as they don’t contain any fragrance oils at all,
the lavender, cardamom, peppermint and tea tree, turmeric and tea tree, orange and ginger and lemon soaps are all scented with 100% essential oils. All my others are made with fragrance oils, they have been tested as safe for sensitive skins and I try them out on myself and anyone who’ll volunteer first lol

@FireHorseTextiles I’m working on bigger bars, I’m trying to find moulds that’ll make a bar that fits royal mail’s large letter dimensions, no one wants to pay £2.80 postage for a bar of soap! I know I wouldnt.
All my soaps are vegetarian, sls free and only tested on members of my family lol never on animals.

(Renphotographycouk) #9

I would like to see samples. I have learned a hard lesson, not to buy anymore soap as full size bars on the internet. They leave my skin icky no matter how “nourishingly moisturing” the sellers claim them to be. At least if they end up being rubish for my skin, I can use them for other things being small and not having to spend a fortune.

(Donna) #10

I do sell these

I can make them in what ever fragrances you’d like. :smile:
Donna x

(Donna) #11

I can make bigger heart shaped bath fizzers like these for 45p each

I don’t list them as I haven’t had much luck selling them :frowning:
Donna x

(Fiona Thomson) #12

hi donna @ShropshireNaturalProducts ,
as a buyer (who has HIDEOUSLY sensitive skin!!) i’d have more confidence in buying from your shop if you’d put something in your ‘meet the maker’ profile about your skills / qualifications / ingredients.

^ exactly what you said here would be way more useful on your page than lost in the forums!

i buy a lot of handmade soap and i’m happy to spread my business about a bit - am just always cautious about trying something new in case of adverse reactions :smile:

ps sandalwood! <3

(Donna) #13

Thank you for the advice, I’ll put this on my meet the maker page. I’m useless at things like that as I never know what to say :smile:
I think I’ll definitely have to make sandalwood it seems to be a popular fragrance

(Fiona Thomson) #14

i know what you mean! :wink:
but i think you’ve already said it perfectly without even realising it!

(Donna) #15

Thank you :smile: I have updated my profile and added 2 new categories to my shop. Hopefully it’ll make things clearer to potential buyers.
Thanks again for the advice
Donna x

(Karen Ellam) #16

Ohhh lovely. I’m off to your shop to treat myself :grinning:


(Donna) #17

Thank you I hope you enjoy them :smile:

(Kathelle MacLeod) #18

I know this may be a totally different thing, but is there any way of making liquid soaps? That’s more what we use as I’m sure many others do, though I don’t know how it’d work in real life… I love the fact that all your soaps are so skin friendly :slight_smile: x

(Julia K Walton) #19

That’s good to know!

Although, I usually buy soap in bulk if I see a ‘Choose any five/ten bars’ type listing, so the postage is usually £2.80 for the set.

I second Kathelle’s plea for liquid soap. I use solid bars in the shower and for travel, but liquid soap by the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

(Donna) #20

Good morning all, sorry for my delay in replying, it’s impossible for me to get anywhere near my laptop at the weekend!!
I can make liquid soap @Strandom and will have them listed as soon as I can afford some nice bottles to put them in :smile:
I hadn’t thought about bulk offers @FireHorseTextiles, I can definitely look into that. If I did 5 bars the postage would only be around £1.20 so it’d work out quite good :smile: