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Bert and Edna would make a unique Anniversary Gift

(SueStitchCraft) #1
(Sarah Lambert) #2

Aw Sue, they are absolutely beautiful! The detail is fantastic. Truly a labour of love.

(Diane Burton) #3

There’s a special thread that Camilla started for suggestions for the Anniversary gift guide, they might get noticed by the team better from there :slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #4

"EXCUSE ME! I don’t appreciate you commenting on the size of my knickers IN PUBLIC!
Yours furiously,
Edna "

(Helen McCartney Designs) #5


Bert and Edna are absolutely wonderful. I love them. Would love to see a photo of them sitting on a park bench.

I could see a book being made out of this lovely couple. The Adventures of Bert and Edna. How they met etc etc.

So lovely.

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