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Silver anniversary present for Hubby

Hubby and I will be celebrating our silver wedding anniversary in August and I’m after a special handmade gift for him, he already has plenty of cufflinks so none of those please but any other suggestions would be welcome. He’s interested in trains and books and does wear some jewellery (but nothing too ‘fancy’) my budget is about £50 but I can go a little higher if I find the perfect gift.

Thanks in advance
Diane x

I have some chunky rings for chaps around your budget.

Or for a little more , I have a money clip .

Hi Diane, this is not my shop but I came across this lovely set recently…

I have some lovely Wine Glass Charms you can add with a bottle of bubbly and glasses

If you are not looking for a traditional silver anniversary gift…I have a few hand knitted items for men in my shop. Not just for winter :wink:

It’s our 25th anniversary as well in June and have been looking out for anniversary cards on here as there doesn’t seem to be too many of them in the shops. There are plenty with the words "on Your Silver Wedding on the highstreet but not on our silver wedding.

Thanks for the replies so far (keep them coming too) We’ve been away for a couple of days (totally child-free for the first time in 22 years :smile:) and Hubby is now sat next to me so I’ll have a proper look later x

Hi Diane, don’t know if you are all sorted re hubby’s gift but I design personalised prints including anniversary ones. I pop a wedding photo into the design and can make customised ones too. All the best Helen :slight_smile:

Hi Diane, I have a few silver gifts for men in my shop but will show you two so i don’t overtake on the page :slight_smile:

Hi Jacqueline, I looked in your shop a few weeks ago & favourited a few things (you were one of the first people I thought of as I love seeing your work in the forums and on FB)
I keep getting drawn back to this as it’s the sort of thing he wears when he’s not at work :slight_smile:

My only concern is that I can’t get an exact measurement without him guessing what I’m up to, I’m was going to estimate going by his watch strap but if I get it too big are you able to shorten the leather braiding? Also is it possible to have text on both sides of the silver bar, (I was thinking of maybe our names on one side and wedding date on the other, but if it isn’t I would probably go with just our initials and date) I would be more than happy to pay extra for any extra work caused.

Diane x

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Hi Diane @DeesDesigns thank you that was a lovely compliment, yes I can make it to any length you would like, the watch strap sounds a good idea, if the strap it a firm fit add an extra 1 1/2 inch for comfort, the text i should be able to get on both sides, it will be stamped on though not engraved, hope that will be ok, the hallmark it at one side on the bar underneath so shouldn’t be a problem x

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Thank you for all your ideas, they are all lovely. I have made a choice from one of the people who replied and just placed my order xx

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