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(Sebastian Di Gatto) #1

Hi, I am re doing my photos in my shop ,Just re done the cat ones, what do people think of them? am newish to Folksy and seem to be getting hits, but no buyers yet . Any improvements I could make will be gratefully received…Thanks Seb

(Helen Smith) #2

Keep trying… some of them look a little blurry to me and some are over exposed or over brightened. I absolutely sympathise with how difficult it is to photograph something with a shiny or reflective surface, all I can recommend is to try, move slightly, try again etc etc.

You might rethink your background, I personally find it difficult to get fabric to look smart and uncreased; you might have more success with a large sheet of paper.

Good luck!

(Jane Paveley) #3

Hi Seb,
The candles look great, maybe a whiter/non-patterned background or have some taken on a candle stick/ holder from slightly further back.

Am still struggling with mine, best of luck.

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #4

Hi, Thanks , Am trying out Gimp now… is all trial and error isn’t it !! arrgh !!!

(Ali Joyce) #5

I think it’s all about practice really. I have managed to get a few pictures which I like but it was in the better weather, and I’ve since resorted to a bit of professional help. Take loads and you will find some you’re happy with. Also use a tripod and a remote button - I found that helped loads with clarity. The other thing that you can play with is the exposure button too.
Hope that helps.

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #6

Thanks Guys…is frustrating …Trying out the Gimp Software its quiet easy to use… Also thinking about doing outside scenery, just trial and error isn’t it ! Thank you for the ideas :slight_smile:

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #7

Going to get a tripod I think… Think outside shots once its Spring will be ideal ! Loads of ideas … Just all so time consuming hee hee !!

(Joy Salt) #8

Your main problem is definitely focus. They make my eyes go a bit funny which means they’re fuzzy. Tripod or sit down while taking photo and rest your elbows on something - sort that before anything else. Software can’t focus a fuzzy photo.

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #9

Ah ok, thanks Joy will sort a tripod out soon :slight_smile: will get there eventually ! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

(Ronald Koorm) #10

Being constructive on the cat pictures:
The images are mostly overexposed, which washes out the highlights.
If your camera has a manual mode try that, or if there is a + or - dial for exposure take the exposure down a bit. Sometimes that is in a hidden menu, which is why I only buy cameras with an exposure compensation dial- Always so much easier, and faster to use.

The Patchonti scented black cat has little detail in the shadows. You might want to play around with ‘levels’ control and shadows in software to help with that. There is a turquoise/cyan tint in the highlights, and if that is what you intended , then fine. If not, use software to remove the cyan colour.

If you look at the rear shot of the pink Gingseng cat, the writing at the bottom has poor contrast and is difficult to read, that is partly because it again is overexposed. Try to achieve a balanced contrast in your images. Keep the detail in the shadows and avoid burning out the ‘highlights’.

I agree with others that the images of cats are not really sharp or in proper focus, this is partly down to exposure, but could also be camera-shake. A tripod is very useful, you can get smaller tripods, or you can try a monopod, or even a stack of firm books on a table.

Software tweaks should be mainly for fine-tuning of pictures, and are not always ideal for salvaging problem photos.
We all had to start somewhere, and with practice you should be able to get good results. Avoid direct flash, and use natural daylight or bounced-flash if you can. Direct flash from most cameras and phones is simply harsh and horrid, as regards effect.
Hope this helps.

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #11

Hi, thanks for the very helpful comments Ron. I do have a fairly decent camera, and need to play around with it…The Cat photos I used the gimp programme and you are totally right !! Really appreciated… and will re do the Cat pictures… Thanks so much ! Seb

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #12

just fitting the time in to do everything am sure others have the same issues with their photos !! really appreciate the mega helpful comments!!

(Hilke Kurzke) #13

I agree with what has been said before about focus/stabilizing your hands.
Additionally: I think your second main problem is light. You want your photos evenly bright. For this you need bright indirect light. You mentioned ouside photos in spring. Outside photos are a good idea because generally going outside is the best way to get more light into your scene. Avoid sunshine, though, and go for cloudy days. Shooting in winter outside is not a bad idea either, just make sure it is bright ouside but not sunny. If it is sunny, go into a white tent, or under a milky roof (our car port works very well for me which has a see-through corrugated plastic roof. - Anything that scatters the light and brightens up shadows.

For inside I suggest you build or buy a light tent. If you google light tent, one of the first hits will be this instruction

which I used for my first one, and it worked well for me for a while. However, ready made light tents are not awfully expensive and especially useful with shiny surfaces. Mine has an additional wall for the front with just a slit for the camera which gets me rid of nasty reflections.

With a light tent you want to place as much light around it as you can. Preferably natural light / photo lamps, but any will work for a start.

And as all others have said so far: Trial, error and a lot of practise will get you there eventually. Have fun along the way!

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #14

Hi, Thanks so much for the feedback… I will look at the box idea, just not had the time recently to re do them again!! I will get there… Really appreciate what you are saying !! :slight_smile: just a time issue at the moment. I seem to be getting hits no sales… I guess that’s cos of the photography !!! will get there !