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Birthday discount

Hi all,
as today is my birthday (don’t ask … the number is too scary!) I thought I’d offer a 10% discount on everything in my shop for the next 24 hours. Just use the code birthday10

Linda :smiley:

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Happy birthday and I hope someone is taking you out to dance away the years.

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Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day! Personally I stuck at 25 :slight_smile:

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Thank you @SashaGarrett, I was taken out for a cream tea and for dinner, I had a lovely day :blush:

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Thank you Susan, for the past few years I’ve been 37! :wink:


Big Happy Birth Date Linda.
Hope you have a wonderful DAY!

I’m almost 75yrs old & Birthdays seem to come round so quickly now,
so enjoy every day as it comes, & Especially your Birth Date. x

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Thank you, I had a really lovely day :smiley: