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Black and White

(Helen Clifford) #1

Let’s show off our black and white items! I’ll start with my zebra papercut:

(Louise Flude ) #2

I have this black and white collar :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

(Sarah Eves) #4

Love monochrome!

Sarah x

(Sue Beacham) #5

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

I have a number of black and white prints.

And part of a cushion

And some accessories.

(Sue Mellem) #7

Great idea - I love the elegance of black & white


(Thecardjeanie) #8

Here’s my black and white contribution…


(Leslie Morton) #9


Here is my black & white candy dish:

(Silvapagan) #10

Ohhh a showcase I can join in with! :smile:

(Yvette ) #11

(Jessies Needle) #12

Here’s a cute hat

(Roz) #13

Heres hoping grey is allowed too!

(Lesley Bywater) #14

This crochet set is black and white (with a bit of grey!)

Lesley :smiley:

(Katy Edwards) #15

Black and white (with some grey :wink:) in my Moustache Cut Out card for Valentine’s Day!

Katy x

(Samantha Stanley) #16

I’d like to do this-how do you attach the picture of your listing to the text?

(Chris Brooks) #17

Black & White faux pearl choker & Earring set

(Roz) #18

Samantha @SamanthaStanley To get a link to your item just copy the URL from the top of the item listing and then paste it into the comment box here. Just make sure when you paste the URL that you are on the beginning of a new line or the picture won’t show. (Hit return before pasting and make sure there are no blank spaces at the beginning of the line) Hope this helps. Roz

(Thecardjeanie) #19

Jeanie x

(Ronald Koorm) #20

Very effective image. You must be really skilled to create this in wax !