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Black is Beautiful - show us your Black items!

(Selena Lee Rose Allen) #1

There are lots of threads for all different coloured items, but I couldn’t find one for black so I thought I would start one ! Someone got me thinking about black today talking about a special outfit for Halloween, so I will start with some of my handmade vintage inspired jewellery, please join in! :kissing_heart:

(Claire Woodhead) #2

I have a black crochet bag in my shop

(Claire Woodhead) #3

Also have some black hand knitted fingerless mittens

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Almost completely black is about as close as I get (I’m something of a lover of colour and pattern)

(Helen Clifford) #5

A Little Black Dog greetings card…

(Roxanne Levy) #6

Starling. Black with wonderful iridescent colours

(Jeanie Hansford) #7

My knitted owl is wearing his black top hat

(PollysWares) #8

Two lovely black pendant necklaces.


(Muranomagic) #10

(Helen Healey) #11

I very rarely have anything black in my shop but at the moment I have this black satin cosmetic bag.

(Morrisdesigns) #12

Black glass pearl necklace with rainbow crystal rondelle beads.

(LunaLoco) #13

(Jacqueline Talbot) #14

(Liz Clark) #15

I have Caleb the lovely black crow!

(Morrisdesigns) #16

Black wood and Tibetan silver necklace.

(Maureen Brazier) #17

(Maureen Brazier) #18

(Maureen Brazier) #19

(Bizzy Liz) #20