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Black is Beautiful - show us your Black items!

My first ever post on the forums here :slight_smile: I just joined Folksy this week

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Black & silver bird necklace

Here is my monochrome collection - black and white lavender hearts in checks or polka dots.38088B01-2E5B-4AA7-AA7E-A08135F00A10

Sparkly black Egyptian Ankh earrings…

Black with soft lime green

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I have just reduced this piece from £65 to £55, it is black with bronze pigments

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Set of 3 lavender bags in black, grey and bright pink x

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A black and pink floral necklace

A colurful black pouch…

Black and silver swirl necklace

Glossy black Murano glass pendant and earrings set with Swarovski crystal and sterling silver