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Bulk editing postage times

I know it’s possible to bulk edit postage costs but wondered if it was possible to bulk edit the length of time needed to post items. Our village Post Office is closing at the end of next week (rather suddenly and unexpectedly) which makes our nearest one in our local town, I don’t drive and the bus fare is £5.70 so obviousely I would prefer to send all my parcels together once a week (preferably on a Saturday when we normally go into town) but need to edit my listings to reflect this. If I have to do them one at a time I will do but was hoping there might be a shortcut.

Anybody know?

I don’t think there is a short cut or I would use it! That’s really rubbish closing up your Post Office like that, and £5.70 for a bus fare is a bit steep to say the least. I take it they don’t offer you tea and a selection of magazines for your journey :thinking:

Sam x

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Yes it’s a shame there isn’t bulk editing apart of postage costs, would be handy. Not great that your Post Office is closing like that, I hope my local one doesn’t close, like you, although I live in town it costs me £4 return just to get to the centre of town, crazy. Good luck with having to edit all you’re listings :neutral_face:

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If only :laughing: They claim to offer free wi-fi but by the time my phone has connected we’ve arrived in town :confused:

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I’m rather relieved now that I’ve been a little slack with my listings recently (just have to remember to check any I relist in the future) I just hope a 7 day shipping time doesn’t put customers off :anguished:

I think if people really want something they’ll be prepared to wait, I’ve only had a few urgent orders. :slight_smile:

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HI, sorry to hear that - extra expense !!!
I asked a while back about bulk editing - as an addition the list where we can amend stock levels - I wanted a way to alter the price of (all) items as well as the stock level…I never saw a response to my request - as far as I am aware there is no way to do this or what you want :frowning: D