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Bulk editing prices

Does anyone know whether there’s a way to edit the prices of selected products in one go, instead of going into each listing?

I know you can bulk edit stationery fees, but can the same be done for price?

I’m running an offer whereby all prints are now £25 on my shop, to coincide with my (first) bit of advertising locally, and I wondered if there’s a quick way to reduce my current stock on here??

I’d like to know that too. I thought the bulk list editing link on our account page would cover it but that only does postage

I tried to do this, but as you said it only seems to cover postage.

That’s disappointing! I’ve managed to update a few, will do the rest tonight!!

I wish we could bulk change prices too. Im having a cushion sale and had to change the prices individually.

I’ve just realised there is an outstanding Request for this functionality and so I have given it three votes.

Whilst i was looking at the list, I also gave three votes to the Discount code request too!

The link to the bulk edit of prices is here - please vote!!

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I’ve just added my 3 votes.

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Thanks for that - I’ve only just finished changing the prices for all of my prints now!!! Took me ages!

I’m just bumping this up, if that’s okay, to see if we can attract a few more votes to get in place this functionality.

Very good idea…I voted

All done. I’ve found this to be a very long winded process so I have voted for this as well