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Business Licence?

Just wondering if everyone here has some kind of business licence to sell on Folksy?

Hi,I don’t believe there is such a thing, unless you’re a limited company (most are sole traders).
You just need to keep records and do a self assessment tax return to HMRC at the end of the tax year as necessary - have a look at HMRC self assessment pages as you can get registered with them. Even then they’re not interested if you don’t have other income and your total takings (takings as opposed to profit) are less than £1000.

Many thanks for your reply FeelFeltFound. I`ve read of people needing licences if they may be selling online and even selling such as handcrafted items.

Do you mean public and product liability insurance?

Anyone who sells online and off should have this as if a customer has a problem you could lose your home if they sued.

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In the US they do, but not here

Had a quick look and appears that’s a requirement in the US but thankfully not here. As @Caroleecrafts says product liability insurance is a v. good idea and if you do face to face craft fairs public liability insurance is normally also a requirement. You can get these included with AN.membership at a reasonable price so if you don’t have it already might be worth taking a look.

A-n has very strict requirements you need to meet for the insurance to be valid. You can pay to become a member without meeting the requirements but the insurance is invalid.

I was meaning a basic licence to sell online from home. Thanks for your info Caroline.

Thank you Wild Paws.

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Thanks again FeelFeltFound.

Many thanks Sasha.

Just as a heads up but your links to Instagram etc don’t work.:disappointed: I was going to give you a follow

Many thanks Zoe. My Instagram link seems to be working now (I hope!).
Paid a visit to your online shop and see you have some really lovely colourful and useful items there. Sew talented! :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s no general business license for selling online, but depending on what sort of items you’re selling, there may be different regulations you need to follow.

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