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Butterflies and Flowers

(Steph Short Supplies) #202

Here’s mine today

(Sue Beacham) #203

Unique leather boot vase and flowers, Romantic gift ideas that are different

(Steph Short Supplies) #204

Both here
Here’s mine today

(Lily Lily Handmade) #205

Pretty pink flowers

(BiBu) #206

white flower and turquoise butterfly
vintage hair comb

(Paula Rayson) #207

A few of my new flower listings

Bridal Earrings

Simple Necklaces

Fun Earrings

(LottieBeggDesigns) #208

(nellyarts) #209

Watercolour ink painting x

(Sue Beacham) #210

HI Sandra, I love your shop, so colourful with interesting items, I love this watercolour and ink painting, so beautiful, I love everything about it, I started painting in my mid fifties because I have long term health problems, I’ve only been painting a few years and Im learning all the time, my paintings are mostly whimsical and colourful.
I love your flowers and especially love your humble bee and butterflies, l off to promote your shop, have good weekend


(Steph Short Supplies) #211

A few here


(BiBu) #212

Flowers earrings
hanging earrings with flowers and leafs

(RosesFeltWorkshop) #213

(Maureen Laurenson) #214

Pretty flower shoes.

Maureen x

(Stephanie Short) #215

Both here

(LittleTrinketGirl) #216

(Stephanie Short) #217

Flower shapes
A new listing today

(nellyarts) #218

Thank you Sue for your kind comments ,I love your art work and you have inspired me to pick up my paintbrush again.Although my background is graphic design my first love was watercolours.I would rush off to watercolour classes when my kids were at school,the rest is self taught too.Hope you are keeping well and thanks for your friendshipx

(Sue Beacham) #219

Gorgeous flowers all handmade, great for craft work, add to shoes, bags, make into brooch pins for gifts to your friends and family, they come with two free gifts, go see them in my shop


(RosesFeltWorkshop) #220

(BiBu) #221

Barrette Clip with roses
hair clip with roses