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Butterflies and Flowers

Some bright little hanging butterflies

Hi all, some lovely items listed above!
I thought this one would just make the cut since there are some anemones scattered about and I do love this little Hedgehog :wink:

Thanks for looking x

Butterfly mini pyramid purse


Watercolour printed Butterflies birthday card…

A silvery pewter butterfly box with an amethyst stone…

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a miniature painting

I couldn’t choose which one to show you :frowning: I love butterflies so much, I hope it’s okay to share more than one xxx

Butterflies and flowers

Two of my flowery headbands :hibiscus::honeybee::beetle:

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My Butterfly rose collection has now been listed;


Pretty set of 2 lavender bags x

One of the central beads in this necklace features dainty little flowers:

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Some lovely floral summer necklaces.