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Card and Papercraft Weekly Monday Thread 8/14 September

(Cariad Crafts) #1

A place to show, admire and if you are inclined, to buy all kinds of cards and paper crafts smile

If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked,blogged to your hearts content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

The theme for today is glitter anything shiny - but as usual, anything will do

Good luck all
Carol xx

Urgently need a birthday card
(Cariad Crafts) #2

Sunny Morning to all papercrafters,

Big thanks for last weeks posts, some really lovely creations. Our numbers are slowly growing which is brilliant.

I shall start the week of with :smile:

(glitter on giraffes spots!!)

(shiny letters)

Carol xx

Steph @StephShortSupplies, any chance you could start the thread next week the 15September, I will be away on holiday, going on Wednesday for 8 days to Sicily Yeah!!! ???

(Stephanie Short) #3

Thanks Carol @cariadcrafts11 for another week, yes that’s no bother at all!
Oooo get you!! Sicily very nice :wink: You enjoy you sooooo deserve it! X

Here’s a new one from me today…eventually!
A hint of glitter !
Steph x

(Cariad Crafts) #4

Thanks Steph - you really are a star.

We thought with all the difficult times we are having with MIL, OH stress levels are quite high - so as she can’t remember where we are 5 mins after telling her, we might as well completely get away. OH had dizzy spells about 3 weeks ago and fell and gashed his forehead, doc said due to stress, so that just about made our minds up to go. Feeling guilty but am sure the break will do us both the world of good.

Thanks again

Carol xx


Sounds a good idea to get away Carol

A shiny cherry!


(Jaceys Creations) #6

I’ll start off with this one, more to come. I hope you like it.

(Cariad Crafts) #7

Morning, Jacey @JaceysCreations - lovely card shiny and with butterflies:-))) welcome to the thread.

Thanks Susan @bramleycards - could just eat your card Yum Yum

My last posting for 8 days as off first thing in the morning, will think of you Steph getting up at those unearthly times @stephshortstationery

Hope everyone has a good week and the sales fairy flies your way

Carol xx

(Stephanie Short) #8

Thanks Carol @cariadcrafts11 hope you both have a fab time and you certainly don’t have anything to feel guilty for …enjoy it :smiley:
A new one from me tody
The blue version of yesterdays, steph x

(Jaceys Creations) #9

Hi Carol, thanks so much for the welcome, loving all the listings on this thread.

(Steph Short Supplies) #10

Welcome to the thread jacey @JaceysCreations lovely card!

Plenty of glitter on this pack of Xmas cards!
Decided to keep this offer going until the end of this month, Steph xx

Steph x

(Jaceys Creations) #11

Hiya Steph, thank you. I love your cards.

(Linda Carter) #12

Hello, my latest card and gift tag x

(Stephanie Short) #13

Hiya everyone,
Hope you are all ok

Sue @bramleycards thank you sooo much ! I’ll get them sorted for you xx

Jacey @JaceysCreations thanks :wink:

Fab illustrations on your cards Linda @DesignedbyLinda

Here’s My new listing today

See you all later steph xx

(Linda Carter) #14

Thank you @stephshortstationery x

(Stephanie Short) #15

Hiya hope everyone is ok today!

You’re welcome Linda :wink:

Here’s mine today

(Linda Carter) #16

My word art cards are perfect for any occasion x