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Christmas decorations, cards and wrapping - suggestions please!

(Camilla) #1

Yay! Our Christmas Gift Guides are up!

Let us know if you have any suggestions that you’d like to be included for our Christmas Decorations, Christmas Cards and Christmas wrapping guides by leaving a comment in this thread. (We can’t promise to include everything but we will try to include as many as we can - and remember, as always, we’re looking for good quality photos and listings.)

You can also add your other suggestions to the relevant thread in our Gift Guide category here…

Gifts You Can Personalise
Secret Santa Ideas / Gifts under £5
Stocking Fillers

If you come across anything else by another Folksy seller that you would love to see included in our guides, please recommend those too as it’s always nice to share the love. Thank you!!

(Natalie Franca) #2

I’ve just added a couple of ideas on the stocking fillers link, but the stocking fillers topic isn’t showing on the forum main page for some reason

(Sally Eira) #3

a festive walrus, tortoise and tardigrade …

(Sally Eira) #4

lovely candy cane rudolph from @Justtosay

(Justtosay) #5

Thank you so much Sally! :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #6

And some lovely christmassy decorations from @delphineandmax -x-

(Ali Dufty) #7

Well , the following are from my own collection …

… but i do love these from @louise35flower Louise Brainwood :)) …

(Kim Blythe) #8

This kitty is always popular

and this tree…

(francescaburke) #9

Got a Christmas card set:

(Kim Onyskiw) #10

I’ve got Christmas cats

Christmas rats

Christmas chameleon

…and a cryptic “Happy Christmas”

Hopefully one of those might be suitable for the cards (and it’s just reminded me I need to get around to photographing my new Christmas sheep card).


Gingerbread men, cute on the tree, tied to a gift or peeking out from a stocking stuffer!


A unique folk art feel to your Christmas tree decorating! These colourful Babushkas look lovely tied to gifts and are adorable peeking out from a stocking stuffer!

(HandMaidSW) #13

Thank you for adding my Christmas bottle bag to your wrapping guide. I have several cards, peg holders for card hanging, and gift tags too.

(Linda Wild) #14

I have these …

(TheGlassArk) #15

Christmas star

(TheGlassArk) #16

Christmas door wreath made from stained glass

(Sarah Bell) #17

A few from me:

(JewelleryhandcraftedbyPauline) #18

A few Christmas decorations

(BrambleandBurt) #19

Hello would love to be included in a Christmas gift guide :christmas_tree::grin: My three Christmas card designs are:

(Tina Martin) #20