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More suggestions for our 'Gifts you can personalise' guide please!

(Camilla) #1

Do you make custom orders or personalised gifts?
Then share your suggestions for our gift guide here!

Here’s the guide so far…

Christmas decorations, cards and wrapping - suggestions please!
(Kirsti Brown) #2

I made a set of these for someone who was holding their wedding reception in a Teepee. The coaster can be stamped with names, dates or initials.

(Emma) #3

Wedding or anniversary personalised letterpress gift

(Alison Sye) #4

I would love to be involved in this but my personalised stuff is unique to the customer. I am getting frustrated as to how I could make it work for your gift guide. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you enter link description here

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #5

My personalised items are for animals, and so many people love having animal things personalised that some of these are the best selling items in my shop :smile:

The Christmas baubles personalised to look like people’s pets are a huge hit:

My lead holders are a new range, but hugely popular already:

And I have flat Christmas baubles too:

(Susan Bonnar) #6

Everything in my shop can be personalised. I don’t expect any will be good enough but please feel free to choose anything! Thanks! x

(Kim Blythe) #7

Key ring

(Kim Blythe) #8

Wedding ring cushion

(MinnieandClarence) #9

I have made lots of theses for wedding or anniversary presentsUploading image.jpg…

(Melanie Commins) #10

Monogrammed passport covers. The flower colour can be personalised too …

(Jennifer Combes) #11

Any names, colours, number and size of elephants, dates etc totally flexible to meet the customers needs. Similar birthday and Christmas cards available too.

(Deborah Jones) #12

I have these necklaces that can have multiple tags if needed.

(Mairi A) #13

I’ve just set up a listing for my Personalised Birthstone Rings. These mark the birthstones of yourself and your children/family and can be made up with any number of birthstones you want. I’ve got loads more examples on my facebook too if anyone wants to see more!

(Amy Paterson) #14

I have found personalised bookplate and return address stamps to be popular gift items.


(Donna) #15

Almost everything I make can be personalised. I’m working on better photos for them all. I was happy with how this one turned out though.
Or maybe this tea towel?

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(Jill Unthank) #16

A great gift for the fellas - I have others in my handstamped jewellery section

(Diane Burton) #17

A lot of the cards in my shop can have names/ages added and a few I make to order to include more detailed personalisation or colour choices (I’m thinking of adding more of these as well as making more that are left with no greeting so I can personalise the occasion as customers require)

(Andrea Martin) #18

I have lots of personalised prints in my shop; eg. birth, anniversary and wedding prints. Also kid’s personalised name prints.

(Andrea Martin) #19

Here is another personalised print and a kid’s birthday card, all of these birthday cards can be personalised with any name and any age.

(Little Ramstudio) #20

All our cat - and dog - original hand cut and hand printed lino prints can be personalised with the pet’s name for no extra charge!
They arrive in a mount so all you need is a frame :smile: