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CLOSING DOWN – selective clearance sale up to 50% off! New items added!

(Edwina Kinch) #1

Hi everyone

I have loved my time on folksy. Met and made lots of virtual friends. I have had lots of sales and some wonderful customers. I have received a huge amount of support, especially from the daily listing thread.

But now it is time to move on to a different phase of my life. I shall continue to craft but mostly for pleasure, not to sell what I make. I plan to try out and experiment with new crafts and mostly have lots of fun creating.

Thank you everyone. Before I go, I am having a clearance sale on selective items in my folksy shop. Please pop over and have a browse.

I am also having one final give-away on my Facebook page so I will pop back with the link when it is all set up. Here is the link to my Facebook give away - please enter.

Keep crafting! Keep selling! Good luck everyone!


(Christine Shephard) #2

Edwina, you - and your wonderful creations - will be sorely missed on here, but warmest wishes to you and I hope you continue to get as much enjoyment from your crafts. I’m sure you’ll love experimenting and learning new skills even more, without all the work involved in selling. Enjoy…and pop back onto the forum from time to time to let us know how you’re doing :smile:


(Joanne Joyce) #3

Sorry to hear this Edwina, I have a couple of your notebooks and I love them.
Enjoy your item with your crafts and maybe you will pop back one day :slight_smile:

(Edwina Kinch) #4

Thank you Christine and Jo
You make some lovely work Christine, so don’t be surprised if I am a customer one day!
Jo - I shall definitely be back for more beads…
So, I am not going to be too far away!!
Thanks both for commenting.


(Natalie Ofkants) #5

I for one will really miss you Edwina!

You were one of the first people I became a folksy friend off!

I will so miss you seeing your wonderful creations!

I hope you huge success and much happiness in your future creative persuits!

Natalie x

(Yvette ) #6

Good luck Edwina with your future creative projects. :smile:

(Edwina Kinch) #7

Thank you Natalie @NOfkantsCurios - I shall miss you too. But, I shall keep looking at the daily thread, so I shan’t be too far away as I said before. And I do love to shop on folksy! Keep up the good work Natalie and if you pop over to FB from time to time (if you can in your busy schedule) I shall be using my personal page to share what I am working on etc. Take care.
Thank you Yvette - very kind.


(Nikki Hurrell) #8

Hi I just wanted to say I’m sorry to see you are closing your shop - i love your vintage style and your shop has been an inspiration to me - I also have enjoyed your input on the forum. Good luck with your new crafting hobbies - it would be good to still hear you on the forum !

(Edwina Kinch) #9

Thank you Nikki @MrsHsemporium Very kind of you and I shall keep an eye on the forums from time to time. Just won’t be spending as much time on the computer (hopefully!)


(Lynn Britton) #10

Sorry to see you go Edwina, your shop always has such lovely items in it. Wishing you lots of fun with your new creative persuits.
Lynn x

(Margaret Jackson) #11

I’ll miss you Edwina, have fun and keep creating!

(Pauline Hayward) #12

Sorry to hear you’ve decided to close your shop. I shall be looking out for you on FB. Good luck.


(Edwina Kinch) #13

Thank you Lynn, Margaret and Pauline. :smile:


(Edwina Kinch) #14

Thank you everyone.

My sale and fb give-away will remain open all week so still time to have a look!


(Jane Whalley) #15

Sorry to see you are leaving Edwina. I hope you have fun in whatever new crafts you decide to learn - enjoy and all the best :smile:

Jane xx

(Edwina Kinch) #16

Thank you Jane - very kind of you to comment. Really looking forward to the new phase in my life and have plans for what I want to make. So it will be a new creative journey.


(Stephanie Short) #17

Hi Edwina,
Hope you are ok,
Last night went to your shop to treat myself but gremlins were about !
So I’m trying again :wink:
Steph x

(Thecraftycurioshop) #18

Wishing you lots of fun in your new crafting ventures, Edwina.

(Karen Ellam) #19

Hi Edwina

Sorry to read your leaving. All the best for the future.
Have fun with your new crafting journey.

Take care
Karen :grinning::cherry_blossom:

(Edwina Kinch) #20

Thank you Steph @stephshortstationery (I have sent you a message). Thank you Pauline @Thecraftycurioshop and Karen @karenscraftybitz

I appreciate your comments.
And thank you all who have grabbed a bargain or two in my sale!
Don’t forget my FB giveaway!