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Copper and adhesive

Pretty please with strawberries and cream on it, does anyone know of a reliable e-bay seller for copper, I want to try the metal bands for stone ring boxes before I even think about silver.
Also the traditional gypsy or flush setting requires a lot of time and it seems even the high street jewellers are bonding the stones in now.But,I don’t want them falling out during washing up or whatever,I have hypo and two pack epoxy but does anyone know of something better?

I bought copper sheet from in2steel on ebay: don’t know if they do what you’re looking for. Matched my requirements well: good product, quick delivery, good price.

Thanks for that,I shall look into them,I want .70and 1mm so they should do it.

I bought my copper (and aluminium and brass) sheet from sgs132 on ebay - they did the size I wanted at a good price and it turned up really quickly.

Thanks Sasha,like I said I want to try something and don’t want to stump up for silver untill know it will work.

Understand that completely, I use the copper/ brass/ aluminium for making cuffs (so need it in multiples of 6 inches wide) and if someone likes the look of it in aluminium I can always quote for silver.

Are there any special requirements for copper wire? I come across metres of old house wiring from time to time,from about .80 to 1mm but dont know if it is safe to wear,I do use it for mock ups,not that I have much copper work planned.

How old is old? It would need to conform to modern rules about the allowable nickel/ heavy metal content and I’ve no idea if old copper electrical wire would do that. Given a liberal coating of wax or lacquer you probably could wear it but I wouldn’t recommend using it for ear wires/ hooks - tend to end up with green ears which is not a good look. I’d stick to using it for mock ups.

Green ears would be acceptable on Mars.Best forget it and stick to mock ups for it.