Cosy Cottage Haberdashery

New at Mulberry Green. Those of you that make things out of pretty fat quarters may be interested in the new haberdashery section of my shop. ‘Cosy Cottage Haberdashery’
Mulberry Green is a comforting and reassuring place - imagine teatime at Mulberry Farm, with cottage colours of pink and duck egg blue, iced cupcakes and a lace tablecloth, a dresser full of pretty plates and cups and saucers, chintzy curtains and comfy cushions and a love of the simple things in life. I have set up the haberdashery section of my shop to reflect this - with pretty fat quarters in ditsy prints and cottage colours and appliquéd and embroidered decorative designs that can be stitched on to blankets and quilts or clothes and bags or stuck onto cards or keepsake boxes or made into framed pictures for a little bit of cottage comfort.
My fat quarters are very reasonably priced and are in very pretty colours and designs. I love searching for new and unusual fabrics and lots more will be added over the coming months.
Alphabet letters in various styles and other embroidered decorative patches will also be available for sewing onto handmade creations because creating is good for the soul. :slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty pinks

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Beautiful blues

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Gorgeous greens

Sewing themed fat quarters - just £2.50 each

Lovely little embroidery sets in a box - letters embroidered in pewter thread onto white felt, 3 embroidery skeins, a sheet of different embroidery stitches to copy, a tiny bow and 6 matching sequins. Enjoy embroidering the little patch to make it your own design and then it is ready to sew or stick onto a multitude of different things or to use as a little bookmark. The letters measure approximately 8cm x 7cm.
A lovely little gift to enjoy yourself or to give to someone special. All you need is a needle and a pair of scissors - everything else is in the box.
Any letter available - just message me if you don’t see the one you want.

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Good luck wiht your new haberdashery :slight_smile:

Oh thanks Max - I just thought I would give it a try. I’m totally obsessed with fabric and I just love visiting different places and searching out pretty designs - so it will be an excuse for me to go on little adventures. My favourite one is travelling across Dartmoor to Tavistock. The fabric shop there is fabulous and it’s such a lovely journey through the wilds - you hardly see another person the whole way, just Dartmoor ponies and a few sheep and with fabric at the end of it, what more can you ask for? :slightly_smiling_face:

Lovely Lemons

Would anyone like a cake?
Fat quarters - just £2.50 each

Martine your fabrics are gorgeous, and thanks for the quick delivery on the fabrics you sent me, they are delicious and will be a great addition to my stash. I wasn’t logged in when I bought them, but I hope I can leave feedback for you. Just in case I can’t here are the ***** stars I would give.

Oh bless you - thank you. I’m glad you were pleased with them :slightly_smiling_face:x

Lovely :two_hearts: :heart:

I saw this pretty fabric in the Sewing Bee last week when they were making the patchwork jackets - one of the fat quarters available in my shop.