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Craft Juice - September

(Maxine Veronica) #1

All caught up with voting and listed

(Shirley Woosey) #2

I have voted all up to date on the August thread and up to here on Sept.

Taking my motorhome over to France in a couple of days, so won’t be around for nearly three weeks.
Will catch up when I return.

Where are you off to Joy in your motorhome ? @JOYSofGLASS Have a good time.

Shirley x

(Diane Burton) #3

Had a break from Craftjuice & Folksy for a few months but hoping to get back into it :slight_smile:
Voted for Maxine’s artwork and listed this

(Jolanta Podgajna) #4

Voted up to here.


(Joy Salt) #5

I’m already in France. Got the ferry to Calais at lunchtime in our Mc Louis, Tandy,
Managed not to run over the “rather a lot of” mainly hooded young men who were swarming all over the approach roads trying to jump into lorries - yes really !
Now in Eperlecques, have had a swim and eaten dinner sitting outside. Heading for the South via Alsace, Geneva and the Alps then back up via the Lot, Dordogne and Loire Valleys.
I’ll wave if we pass you :slight_smile:

PS - it’s raining :frowning:

(Jacqueline Austen) #6

Oh, your trip sounds wonderful, despite the rain - just got back into craft juice and have voted to here.

My item has also been listed - here it is

Right, off to bath the littlies!

Jacqueline x

(Joy Salt) #7


Thought you might want to correct your finger problem spelling of earrings…from Earrinings
:slight_smile: as I suspect they won’t come up on a search

PS Moving a bit further south tomorrow to Verdun and forecast is good :sunny: :sunny:

(Juniper Spools) #8

Not been on craft juice for a while. It has taken me 10 mins to list - off to vote now.


(Maxine Veronica) #9

Evening all voted

Hope you have a fab time Joy and Shirley :sunny:

(Marg) #10

Voted to here.
Love the carpets Shirley, I borrowed a book from the library on making small items, but when it said you had to use 32(?) fabric, well how do you see what you’re sewing, I would need a high magnification glass. You are very talented. Marg. x

(Jacqueline Austen) #11

Thanks for letting me know - can not see how to edit it though! Any one able to help?

Jacqueline x

(Take2 Bottles) #12

I have just listed my first item on Craftjuice. Have voted for the lovely items above, love it!

(Shirley Woosey) #13

We are not venturing far this time Joy @JOYSofGLASS hope you have a good time.
We are in a Compass Castaway with a Red Lancashire Rose on the front and back.
Going up into Belgium to Ypres to see the Menin Gate and to Bruges.
Then going to Bayeux to see the Bayeux tapestry.
Then OH wants to see some of WWI and WWII beaches and war memorials and then have a tootle around Normandy.

Will tell him to look out for the lorry jumpers when we come off the ferry.
Shirley x

(Maxine Veronica) #14

Have a fabulous tme Shirley and welcome to take2bottles :smile:

listed and voted

(Joy Salt) #15

We went to Ypres last year. Brilliant. The ceremony is at 8pm each night.
We had prebooked the campsite (we never do normally !) and it was full so glad we had but… there is an area along the river where you can probably find a spot if not
Enjoy and please eat a large bag of very nice Belgium chocolates for me.

(Diane Burton) #16

Jacqueline,if you click on profile a list comes down the left side, click submitted and all the listings you’ve added come up find the one you want and in the top right corner there will be ‘admin links’ click on this and edit listing option should come up, Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Diane Burton) #17

Voted up to here, added this card

(Lynn Britton) #18

Have lovely holidays Joy and Shirley.
Have voted for all the above and have listed one.

Lynn x

(Shirley Woosey) #19

We have booked the first two nights on the campsite at Ypres. Glad we did too, as it is now full up.
Like you, we never normally book anywhere, apart from when we go to London to see our son.
Thanks for the tip about the river area, might need it if we decide to stay in the area longer.
We’ve got the French Aires book and we are members of the Wild Camping Forum so hopefully shouldn’t have too much of a problem.
I will most definitely be buying and eating Belgium choccies! :smiley:
Shirley x

(Jacqueline Austen) #20

Thank you so much! I have just edited the title. Phew. What a dip stick I am!

Voted to here - off to try and post something in a minute.

Jacqueline x