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Craftjuice September 2016

Started this new thread for Sept. hope that’s OK.
Just listed this one

Think Craftjuice is broken at the moment, all I’m getting is a blank page.

You are right Lyn I am just getting a blank page too. It was fine yesterday obviously when I did my listing, but last week when I tried to do one I kept getting the blank page then as well thought it was our internet but must be a site issue. Hope it gets fixed.

Gill x

Yes it’s down at the moment :frowning:

It appears to still be down :frowning:

all up and running again

voted up to here will list later.

voted to here :slight_smile:

Voted up to here and have listed one

Voted up to here and listed,many thanks.

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all voted and listed 2, please scroll down :slight_smile:

Listed and now voting.

Voting done to here and listed this one

Voted to here and a new listing.

all voted and listed

Listed and voted.

Morning everyone voting done and a new listing

Voted up to here and listed

all voted :slight_smile:

All voted for and have listed one

Voted and listed.