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Craftjuice February 2015

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This is mine today

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Hi, It’s been a while since I’ve been on Craftjuice and I see it’s all change. I hope I am doing this right!

Voted and listed.

Good morning, all voted and listed two today, please scroll. Thank you :smile:

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Voted and listed.

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Looking at the new layout - when I submit an item it automatically has the Folksy description. Do I need to change it as a while ago we were told not to just reproduce the shop description?

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Voted and listed!


Voted and listed:

@Lampara you have posted your Folksy links instead of your craftjuice ones

Oops sorry must have mis-understood! Not sure where the Craftjuice ones are? x

Log in to craftjuice, then top right you will see settings cog
click “submitted” to see your items
you can copy/paste that url for multiple items e.g. mine would be

Normally, after submitting a new item CJ will show list view, just click on the text to see the page detail and copy that url to paste here.

Good morning all voted and listed

2 items added and voting now


Voted and listed one

Voted and listed

Good morning, listed and voted

Morning all, listed and voting now

Its been a while since I’ve been on craft juice! Voted to here. Just submitted 3 of my bags, please scroll.

Diane, @dikeeblebeadsandjewellery I think the description is truncated so you still have to enter it.

Thanks Roz, I was wondering if you had to change the wording as a while back there was a post about not just copying the wording from your shop.