Craftjuice Jan 2016

Voted to here and posted one

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Listed and voting…

Listed and now voting.

I have voted for a few of you . I have listed this its one of my favourites.

just catching up on voting, not listing today maybe tomorrow…

Thanks for the votes, put this on earlier

Off to catch up :smiley:

The idea is to vote for all of us…

Hi Christine
I get the idea . I will vote for everyone but sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day to sit at the computer, craft, Work full time away from home and do the house work LOL

Annette x

Listed and voted.

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Listed and voted

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Voted up to here

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Listed more (please scroll) and voted

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Listed this and voted…

Right. Here I am, on the right thread this time. I got half way through December…

I will vote on January’s after the hot bath I need to get over the effort of getting this far!

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I have caught up and listed

Just listed, now off to vote…

Brand new to craftjuice and just having a look around the site. Here’s my first listing, I will be voting next. How exciting!!!

Voted up to here, will post first listing…soon!

Does anyone know roughly how long it takes to get accepted on craftjuice? It’s been over a week and I can’t decide if I’m just being impatient or if maybe I need to re-apply?

All voted not listed anything today. @featheredavenue it can take a while, but you could try reapplying as well or send a message via Twitter or Facebook

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