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Craftjuice January 2018

( Carol ) #1

Not sure if anyone still uses craftjuice?

I’ve just added 8 items if anyone wants to join in and vote for each other

Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2018
(Alison Mackenzie) #2

Thanks for the reminder Carol. I haven’t listed much lately and by the time I have posted on the forum, pinned and tweeted I had forgotten about Craftjuice.
I have listed my latest items and voted for all of yours. Hopefully others will join in again. :grinning:

( Carol ) #3

I’m not sure if anyone still really uses it Alison. I haven’t used it for a while so thought I’d give it a go. Have voted for all of yours.

(Roz) #4

Will try and get some added sometime! Keep forgetting about it unless I see the thread on here. Good job you are back to get it kickstarted.

( Carol ) #5

Added another one

(Rosesworkshop) #6

Craftjuice only seems to work if we vote for each other, then like on facebook, retweet on twitter, etc. It keeps slipping down the end of my to do list, but if others are willing to get it started again I’ll join in (if I can remember my password)

(Alison Mackenzie) #7

Another one today.

( Carol ) #8

Their twitter is really quiet at the moment. If we can get enough people to take part and vote for each other like we used to then their feed will be over run with folksy :blush:

( Carol ) #9

Just listed another one

(Roz) #10

You are right Carol @Knittingtopia - we need to get this going again! Its just a matter of memory with me :slight_smile:

Just listed this

(Lynn Britton) #11

All voted for and have listed one

(Thecraftycurioshop) #12

Listed and now voting…

(Elaine Briars) #13

listed and voting…

(Roz) #14

Another one submitted

(Lynn Britton) #15

All voted for up to here

(MollyMoochins) #16

Submitted now voting

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #17

Here is my latest box ,I hope you like it and I will be grateful for your votes. Now going to vote myself.
thanks Paul

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #18

I wonder why my post looks different ,perhaps I have done it wrong.

(MollyMoochins) #19

Voted :grinning:

( Carol ) #20

No, you’ve done it right Paul. You can either do it like you have where you post the link to one item, or on craftjuice, go to your submitted items, then post that link and people can just scroll down your items and vote for any they haven’t already done so.