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CRAFTORI for September 2014

(Donna) #1

I’m up to date with voting but can’t list at the moment. I’ll try again later :slight_smile:
Donna x

(Jacqueline Austen) #2

Hi I have just joined Craftori today! I have managed to post two items so far, but could do with some pointers - what is the voting about? Jacqueline x

(Donna) #3

If you look at the bottom of a listing you’ll see a little heart, you just click on this to add it to your favourites, and that’s pretty much it lol. Carftori do the rest for you. I have found I get quite a few views so it’s quite a good site for that :smile:
Donna x

(Jacqueline Austen) #4

Ooh, thanks Donna. Still trying to get my mind round it all - not much in the old brain box these days to work with!. Do you list on the free part or the paid for bit? Oh and just a quick question… do the tags mean ‘key words’ or do you put in your folksy shop address here?

Sorry - being a bit dense.

Jacqueline x

(Donna) #5

I struggled with it when I first started using Craftori Jacqueline :slight_smile: I list in the free part at the mo but am thinking about paying for the front page closer to christmas, to advertise some of my gift sets. The tags are your key words, I hope that helps
Donna x

(Jacqueline Austen) #6

Thanks Donna - a bit of a technophobic really - forcing myself to get to grips with things

Will get on and list a few of my other pieces later on today.

Jacqueline x

(Donna) #7

I have finally managed a listing :smile:
Donna x

(Jacqueline Austen) #8

Voted for your picture Donna - go me!

(Donna) #9

Yay! Thank you Jacqueline :smile:
Donna x

(Thecraftycurioshop) #10

Voted and listed one. Pauline x

(Thecraftycurioshop) #11

Where is everybody? I seem to be on my own on here!
Listed one. Pauline x

(Jacqueline Austen) #12

I am here! Voted to here and my listing for today is:

Jacqueline x

(Donna) #13

I’m here and voting, I just haven’t had time to list recently :smile:
Donna x

(Claire Davis) #14

I’ve just been and had a look at it, looks interesting. Think I might sign up for it tomorrow x

(Teresa Connolly) #15

Listed and voted

(Thecraftycurioshop) #16

All voted for and listed one.

(Jacqueline Austen) #17

All voted, but not listed as yet - hope to catch up later on.

Jacqueline x

( Carol ) #18

Saw this thread and thought I’d join up today and found I was already registered. Don’t know when I done that but I hadn’t used it at all.

Have voted for everyone and just added my first item

Carol x

(Donna) #19

I have voted to here and listed one at last!

Donna x

(Donna) #20

Good morning, I have nothing to vote for this morning :frowning: But I have listed one
Donna x