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Does anyone print on ribbon

I hope I have put this in the right section. I want some Handmade with love printed on some ribbon and my shop name underneath.
Does anyone on folksy do that before I look elsewhere

yes there is and for the moment I can’t remember his shop name
I will have a little explore

Thanks Eileen, I thought there was from way back but put all sorts of searches in but can’t find


I’ve looked but I can’t find the seller but then I don’t remember their shop name sorry :frowning:

there used to be a shop called Printed on Ribbon but he seems to have gone.

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Hi Deborah
thats the name, i could try and google it and see if he is still about

Hi @KatesKorner
I think he’s on Facebook, if you haven’t managed to find him any where else. Here’s the link.

Thanks Pauline will follow it up.

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Ive had no success with John and printing on ribbon.
I did find a very reasonable company called lots of different styles and very reasonable prices.
I wanted some silk iron on ones and they were £7.99 for 100 so looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

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That’s really shocked me that Printing on Ribbons never got back to you. You would have thought if he couldn’t help he would have at least replied.
Glad you found another company though and hope they are OK when you receive them.

wunderlabel prints on ribbon. They supply their own ribbon though.