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Does anyone want some cinnamon sticks? Free to a good home!

I make little cinnamon tree Christmas decorations and buy in a LOT of cinnamon on a regular basis. There are always some sticks I can’t use for various reasons (too chunky, a bit rough, not tightly rolled enough etc.) so I put these aside.

Now I have a quite a large bag of reject sticks and bits and I’m wondering if they’d be of use to anyone else?

It’s real cinnamon (from Sri Lanka), not cassia. It’s the sort you use for cooking or brewing although some of it is from last year so might not be as fresh as you’d want for that purpose.

Still, it has been stored in an airtight plastic bag inside an airtight container so is still very fragrant. If anyone makes potpourri or anything like that it might be useful. A lot of the sticks are still mostly whole sticks, but with cracks and jagged bits.

All I ask is that you pay for the postage to get it to you. So if you’d like some then get in touch! :smile:

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