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**favourite game**

I love doing treasury’s, do you do them on here?

Thanks Jan - I think that’s what I did before but the photo didn’t show up for some reason.

Faved coin purse xx

I genuinely love the coasters above! I’m a bit coaster mad to be honest, I have 12 in my living room and there are just two of us living here lol

Here’s my contribution:

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Celebrate little things everyday!

Your embroidery is beautiful @doalittledance

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Lovely apple coaster from TheCornishCoasterCompany

Faved the above and this is mine

Gorgeous bracelet!

This will be perfect personalised gift for your favourite girl :slight_smile:

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Something for the summer :slight_smile:

Favourited the fabulous camper van coasters. Here is my bag:

Have ‘loved’ the above…
and this is mine

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