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**favourite game**

Favourite the item above you, then post your own link.
Post as many times as you like but please wait 1 comment before posting again.


Lets share the love!

I think this is very similar to this ongoing thread :slight_smile:

Is it ok to have this thread up? I’m new to the forums so don’t want to break any rules.

Hello Katrina, there was a thread doing the same thing, but the last time someone posted on it was last November
But I don’t know how to forward the link, but it was called:
Heart the item above you - click on the link and heart from there
I am sure nobody would mind starting again, but you could revive the old thread,
Suzzie x

I’m sure there’s no reason you can’t have the thread up. I was unsure how it works and how it improves on the thread that I mentioned…

I started the last one but no worries as that thread has been running for ages now, so it is a good idea to have a new one ! Go for it

I have loved yours kitty.
I use to like the other thread bit not seen it in ages.
Here’s mine

I’ve ‘loved’ the above which is just gorgeous.
Here’s mine

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Love the necklace Erkinwald - I’m keen on buttons too! Here’s my recycled map earrings

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Oh that’s annoying … I’m new to Folksy, how do you post a link to your item?

@LetsBeCatsJewellery when I posted one of mine I clicked on the item I wanted to post about in my shop, then clicked in the browser address bar, clicked select all, then clicked copy, then did a paste into the forum thread I wanted to post in. I always keep 2 browser tabs open for folksy - one in the forum and one in the shopping area. Hope that helps.

Edit: so I went to your shop, found your Ireland Paris earrings, clicked in the address bar and clicked copy, then came back here and did a paste…


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Thank you Liz @LetsBeCatsJewellery. Loving your earrings.

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Lovely metallic threads, I love glittery things

Here’s a bracelet from me
Loved the threads

Lovely peachy bracelet from beaded treasures

Here’s mine:


I have loved the very pretty sewing set.
This is mine.


I have faved the peg bag beautiful fabric!


Faved Sausage dog coasters, very cute :slight_smile: