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Favourites in your shop

(Gem McNair) #1

Good afternoon all you lovely Folksy crowd, I just wanted to ask a quick question, is there a way of how to find out how many items have been favourite in your shop, in one go, instead of clicking on every one to see? Sorry this might seem a stupid question!

Many thanks


(Donna) #2

Hi there Gem, If you go to your dashboard and then click Listings, you’ll find a list of all your listings and there is a count of how many likes they’ve had just under each picture. There is a little heart with a number beside it.
I hope that helps :smile:

(Sarah Ann Small) #3

Thank you for asking craftyweecow! I had been wondering where you could see your items <3’s

Love xxx

(Gem McNair) #4

Thankyou very much!