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Favouriting? New [here] How do oyu build your favourites? Help!

New to etsy and learning every day. getting loads of impressions but very few favourites or followers.

Any tips. I’m in that catch 2 place
thanks Steve

Mhmm…suggest you change the name or this thread and your first post for starters as this is folksy and we don’t generally give tips for e**y here! I’m sure that was a genuine mistake and you will find everyone very friendly here. Join in some of the forum threads and promote your shop on social media and any other way you can.

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Wow - just had a look at your website and with over 80k customers to date and a wholesale established business I think I should be asking you for help as you are exactly where I would love to be LOL! But seriously, will second @OrchardFelts tips, and balancing Folksy with other selling platforms such as etsy and eBay is very tricky so I wish you the best!

I would make a bit more of you mixing the oils, to emphasise the handmade element to this (at the moment it reads a bit like you have bought the oil in and are reselling them, which isn’t allowed on Folksy as it’s a handmade site) so a bit of extra wording eg ‘we blend or make oils up to our own recipe’ etc might better appeal to this site’s audience. BTW I hadn’t realised tea tree oil was good for athletes foot, I may just have to try that lol! :slight_smile:

Do you make these oils yourself as this site is for Handmade items and craft supplies only?

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Thanks. Yes it was a typo. Late late night. I think emphasising our blends is a great idea and possibly promoting how we work with growers to give us the raw material oils we need. It’s actually harder than it sounds because we try and combine social utility ( for example our coconut supplier sponsors an orphanage in Sri Lanka) and fair trade, with selecting great oils.
We plan do launch at least fifty more blends and that was our motivation for folksy.
Appreciate the help
Always happy to reciprocate if I can
Best steve

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