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Feedback on profile?

(Squirreland Tiffin) #1


Does anyone know how you get feedback to appear on your profile? I had a friend in London buy a card and asked her out of curiosity if she could see if there was a way to leave feedback so it would appear on my shop page. She said there was no where to leave feedback.
I was a bit confused as I just thought no one had left feedback and so this is why it didn’t appear but now it seems they can’t so how do people have 100% feedback on their profiles. Did I miss something?

Thanks for the help in advance!

(Roz) #2

People can only leave feedback if they are registered with Folksy - if they buy as guest buyers then they cannot leave feedback.

(Squirreland Tiffin) #3

Hi @Rozcraftz,

Thanks for this! Makes sense really but hadn’t thought of that. I think it would be good if people could leave feedback even if they were not a member as an option as obviously we are keen to get the good service we provide out there!

Thanks for the help
Linzi x

(So Sew Megan) #4

Glad you raised this as I was also wondering. I included a business card in with a sale and the buyer sent me a lovely personal email but I have no way of using her remarks. As for my other 2 sales I would love to know if they were happy. As I’m totally new to this I really need the feedback.

(Leslie Morton) #5

Hi Megan

Perhaps you could ask your customer if you could publish her comments in your “Buying from Me” section. None of my purchases have been from Folksy registered users so it is also an issue for me.

Kind regards,

(So Sew Megan) #6

Thanks Leslie, that great advice.

(Squirreland Tiffin) #7

Hi @SoSewMegan and @ManiacalMosaics,

Its quite a tricky one really as I guess not all people who buy from Folksy are not members either and the ones that are may not think to write a comment?

Will see what works best in terms of putting things on the ‘Buying from me’ section as suggested or maybe a facebook/blog post on my website and social media.

Linzi x

(So Sew Megan) #8

Just tried to add to the “buying from me” but you are only allowed 500 characters which means I would have to do some editing and in reality that you could really only put one customer review there.