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Feeling a wee bit delicate

to day as I planned to get lots of work done in my back garden /builders yard.

There I was cutting away at the brambles, pruning back the rambling rose which is now huge having not touched the back garden in nearly 4 years due to building work then being ill, then finally managing to damage my back.

So all’s going to plan until I some how manage to catch my foot on the corner of a stack of reclaimed roof tiles and down I went smacking my right hip both my knees and landing on my right hand.

Blood, bruises and tears were the result :frowning:

However I do now have 3 vases of pretty pink roses where I’ve had to prune the rose back, and 3 green garden sacks of cuttings for the dump I never put prickerly bits into my compost bins.

Feeling very delicate now and I still have loads more to do out there. Then there’s the front garden and the huge side garden. I will not be planting up my large veggie garden this year I’ve just not got the time. However I do have a few veggies in pots and I’m sowing some in my new hanging recycled bottle vertical garden.

You can see vertical bottle gardens on youtube.

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Oh poor you Eileen, hope the bumps, bruises and cuts are soon mended.
Take care and pamper yourself this evening. x

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Thank you Lynn I’m going to sit and watch tv and eat cauliflower with some grated cheese sprinkled over it :slight_smile:


Hope you’re feeling better soon Eileen.

Poor you, hope you’re feeling better now, have to take it easy. :slight_smile:

Eileen, you poor thing, i do hope you’re feeling better today. I’m struggling to tame my garden at the moment with all sorts of aches and pains so I really feel for you. At least you have some beautiful roses for all your hard work :blush:

Oh my goodness! Hope you feel better soon :scream:

Thank you everyone, I’m aching a wee bit today and I somehow managed to slice my left hand with a kitchen knife. My own fault I was trying to make hole in a plastic bottle and instead of using a pair of scissors I tried using a my veggie knife.

However my endeavours to create a hanging vertical garden with recycled plastic bottles is coming along.

At the top of the strings of plastic bottles is a ‘Feeder’ bottle which contains sand and you pour your water into it and it drips down into the first planted up bottle and the water continues down the bottles to the bottom empty ‘Catcher/reservoir’ bottle where the extra water is stored. You can then undo the bottle cap and release that water into a container and pour it back into the top of your chain of bottles so saving water.

There are Youtube video’s on Hanging Bottle Gardens.


Oh Eileen you sound as if you are in the wars with yourself, hope you feel better quickly hun.
Great idea re the bottle system, just been looking at them on utube, thanks for the share.
Take care
Jax x

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Thanks Jacqueline :slight_smile:
I’ve done 2 hours out there to day thus far but it’s very hot . I’m just letting the water drip through my third hanging tier. Before I sow dwarf beans into it.

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It has been to hot to go out there today apart from early this morning :slight_smile: you will have to pop some pictures on Eileen :slight_smile: