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Please, no not now

Just when I’m trying to sort out where I can study nearby to become a counsellor 4 years part time study so I need to work to pay for it so I need to be fit.

I’ve been working extra hard and now my wrists are bad so I went to the doctors this morning. To be told I have tendonitis in both wrists.

For the next few weeks I’m basically not allow to do anything no sewing, knitting, typing, texting, can’t play guitar, or racquets sports, no hand writing, no gardening, no picking up of kettles etc.

I’m to rest both wrists, apply ice packs when the wrists get hot, take anti inflammatory tablets and strap up both wrists and thumbs. I’m on my own who’s going to do everything for me :open_mouth:

Really sorry to hear that Eileen, and such bad timing. Important to rest though, and just hope you make a quick recovery. Do you have any family/friends close by that can help out?

No family but I’m supposed to be going up to visit my elderly mother via train in a couple of weeks. My friend who would walk my dog for me has a broken finger in a great big metal frame and can’t even manage walking her 2 dogs at the moment as I was going to go walk them for her. If it was next week then yes I have friends who can help but they’re away at the moment. Most of my friend who would be able to assist are camping at New Wine a Christian festival.

Sorry to hear this Eileen, like Liz has said it’s important to rest them. I know the doctor’s can’t help but it’s so difficult when you’re on your own. Hopefully you can just try to muddle along until your friends return. Let us know how you get on, when you can type again. x

That just rotton sweetheart, what a blow for you, I hope you have family to help out or some good friends, its not until this happens to realise how much you use your hands, which is for everything !!!

Hope they heal up quickly !!! Very frustrating for you !!

Oh No !!! just read your other comments you wrote to others your friend who walks your dog with broken finger !!! And your friends away at the moment., what a shame !!!
Just seen where you live, Surry, I can’t pop round to help, to far away for me…live rough, do only the basic things, forget making bed, house work, just limit all you can and rest those hands, watch tv, get lost in films to pass the time :two_hearts::sunflower::blossom:
Lots of empathy Sue


That is rotten for you.Do hope that your wrists recover asap and that you can find help with the things you can’t do for yourself.

So sorry to hear this Eileen. I hope you can manage to muddle through somehow. Such bad timing too.

So sorry to hear of your troubles , hope y oh make a quick recovery .

That’s a very nasty injury, Eileen!

In practical terms, you might want to make a thermos flask of tea at the start of the day. That way you will only have to pick up the kettle once a day. It will be so tough not being able to do all the things your love, but I’m sure you will recover quickly the more you rest your hands.

Sam x

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I had this years ago and had to give up knitting for years. I had both of my hands strapped up.
I began to have trouble in one of my hands again in April so bought a magnetic bracelet after reading great reviews for them. Within a week the pain was gone. About 2 weeks ago I started to have the pain in my other hand and couldn’t hold anything heavy in it so I went and put the bracelet on that wrist. The pain went within a few days and I could hold things again. I now where a magnetic bracelet on both wrists. They are really pretty and unless you had one yourself you wouldn’t know what they were for.
I bought mine online and were under £10 each.